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Meet Our Beneficiaries

Meet Chhaya - 


She is a 28-year-old widow. In 2010, her husband was killed in a road accident, leaving her alone with her two young sons.


Chhaya was earning 50 to 60 rupees a day (less than one U.S. dollar) as a farm laborer, which is only seasonal work.


With our sewing machine, she is now able to fully support her family and may soon be able to afford her own home/hut by 2016!

This is Rakhi.


Though she always enjoyed learning in school, she had to quit going after her father died in a road accident. Rakhi and her mother were left completely alone to fend for themselves.


Rakhi started working on a farm alongside her mother under the scorching sun. Her mother often had to help Rakhi complete her work because Rakhi was not used to doing farm work.


The day we gave her mother a sewing machine, Rakhi’s excitement was palpable. She was absolutely thrilled. Now, Rakhi has a chance to go to school, learn and follow her dreams.

Meet Chanda - 


Recipient of our sewing machine #11. She is a 26-year-old widow, whose husband committed suicide after being unable to pay off his debt.


With nowhere to go, Chanda was forced to move in with her aging parents. Besides her two daughters, ages 5 and 3, she now needs to support her parents as well. 


These days, they watch her kids while Chanda sews clothes for more than 15 hours a day to support her family.

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