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Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold.  Our goals are: 


I.   Sew A Future strives to uplift and empower widows with young children by providing them with a steady source of income: a sewing machine. So far, we have helped 367 widows with young children become self-sufficient. Once self-reliant, these beneficiaries, as Sew A Future volunteers, teach other widows in nearby villages how to sew. This school year, we are determined to "pull out of poverty" at least 100 more families and help them become self-supporting.


II.  We also aim to inspire and motivate fellow students across the U.S. to recognize the many hardships widows face in developing countries. We hope to instill empathy in fellow students and empower them to make an impact on those living across the world. So far, we have involved 72 schools in 30 states (over 1,700 students) in our cause. We strive to spread awareness about widows’ plight and, more importantly, reinforce the value of helping those in need.

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